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The Dyrt Gear Story


Adrian here-

A few years ago I was at my favorite mountain bike trail and I got to talking to this guy Caleb, who was there riding with his son.  I remember him telling me that he loves riding the trail because he gets to spend time with his son and feel like a 15 year old again.   A couple weeks later I met a young woman, Amanda, at the same place.  She told me that she enjoyed riding because it was invigorating to be outdoors and she was getting great exercise.  I got to thinking about my own motivation and realized I was coming from a similar place.  In today's world we’re increasingly indoors, often stressed, and to make matters worse we are increasingly inactive.  What we needed was a movement, specifically a move outside and a brand that represents our shared ideals. 

I called up my friend Austin to figure out a way forward, and a few months later Dyrt Gear was born.  We got started by creating a line of clothes that captured the spirit of being outside but that was also practical and a great value.   The idea has since evolved but the mission is the same:


We follow three distinct and equally important guidelines:

  1. Don’t Be Boring – We realized that most outdoor apparel is blah, stale, boring. It does not embody the adventurers of the world.  We want to be fun and represent the energy of the people that wear our stuff. We decided put our years of experience in retail to good use and create a small line of apparel that was fun and different.

  2. Inspire People to Be Outside – We expanded the concept to create an outfitter brand, selling unique and useful products that you won't want to wait to try out in addition to apparel. We searched through marketplaces to find items that would inspire people to go on adventures.  We have also created a newsletter to highlight what's cool and new, and bring to you inspiring outdoor adventures you can actually have across the country.  We will feature different ideas to help get you inspired to go outside.

  3. Support Outdoor Spaces – Its important to us to be advocates for outdoor spaces so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. In order to do this, we are going to donate a portion of our proceeds to the National Park Foundation.

Don’t Be Boring

In our journey to not be boring, our first step was to come up with a name.  After trying out a whole bunch of different ideas, we settled on Dyrt Gear.  The idea is to conjure the spirit of being outside and getting dirty. 

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Then we needed to make stuff.  We started playing around with designs and decided on making some shorts, jerseys, shirts and just a few accessories.  From our skull shorts to our adventure tee, the Dyrt Gear theme is to be catchy and colorful.  We sampled products from a number of vendors and settled on the ones that gave the best quality for an affordable price.  It was important to us that we gave great quality and did not charge too much since we the outdoors are for everyone.

Inspire People to Be Outside

After putting the clothes together we decided to start compiling a collection of gear that would inspire people to go adventure.  Whether it’s a new set of pedals for your mountain bike or a tent that fits over the back of your truck…we want to keep you outdoors.  

We have also created a newsletter to highlight outdoor activities around the country.  We want to inspire you to go experience new places.   Join our mailing list and we will keep you updated on fun activities to do locally or nationally.

Support Outdoor Spaces

We are donating 5% of our profits to the National Park Foundation and 10% of profits from our national park themed designs. 

National Park Foundation

The NPF is the official partner of the National Park Service and every time you make a purchase from us you will be helping to preserve some of the most meaningful spaces in our country.  We encourage you to purchase our national park themed shirts and represent the great outdoors.

We're just getting started and we're excited about what the future holds.  Lets do this.

Adrian & Austin



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